Presenting the 2016 Fast Forward Film Festival winners!



Juried Award Winners

Seedfolk City Farm: Overcoming Food Deserts in Rochester
Alex Freeman, Lisa Barker

Community Composting
Steven Kraft, Brent Arnold & Michael Giardino

Goodbye, Goodbuy
Jill Peterson

Audience Choice Award
Seedfolk City Farm: Overcoming Food Deserts in Rochester
Alex Freeman, Lisa Barker

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Juried Award Winners

Organically Fashioned
Sofie Cerankosky

Paris Climate Change: An Education
Jack Aman

Kristen the Science Girl: Water
Kristen Smith

Youth Audience Choice Award
Paris Climate Change: An Education
Jack Aman

Lights, Camera, ACTION! Award
Filters for Flint
Jeremiah, Joshua, & Jordan West

The Pollution Prevention Award
Presented by the New York State Pollution Prevention Institute
Apples: Core Dilemma
Asha Hotaling

The Young Filmmaker Award
Presented by Lori’s Natural Foods
The Big Picture
Chris Widmaier & The World of Inquiry Class, Global Environment, Period 4

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Congratulations to all of our Rochester filmmakers!


 2016 Festival Program

Take a look back at our 2016 Film Festival Program!

2016 Fast Forward Film Festival Program

The 2016 Jury

Jurij MedenJurij Meden
Award-winning filmmaker, Curator of Film Exhibitions at George Eastman Museum

With more than 15 years of experience in cinema, Meden has curated and presented film and media programs throughout the United States and abroad. Prior to joining the George Eastman Museum, Meden served as the adjunct professor of experimental film and video art at the School of Arts of the University of Nova Gorica in Slovenia. An award-winning experimental filmmaker himself, Meden exhibited his own works in Europe, including at the prestigious Rotterdam International Film Festival. He has also juried numerous film festivals across Europe and Asia.

Muffie Meyer

Muffie Meyer
Film and Television Director

Muffie Meyer is an award-winning American director whose productions include, documentaries, theatrical features, television series, and children’s films. Early in her career, Meyer co-directed Grey Gardens with the pioneering cinema verite documentarians David and Albert Maysles, and Ellen Hovde. Meyer and Hovde (retired) went on to create Middlemarch Films, an acclaimed production company based in New York City that has produced more than one hundred films and videos that have been distributed nationally and internationally in theaters, on television, and in the home-video and educational markets. Meyer’s projects were the recipients of numerous awards, including, two Emmy Awards, Cine Golden Eagles, the Japan Prize, Christopher Awards, the Freddie Award, the Columbia-DuPont, and the George Foster Peabody Awards.

Adam Lubitow

Adam Lubitow
Entertainment writer, film critic

Adam Lubitow is the film critic for CITY Newspaper, Rochester’s print and online alt-weekly. He’s written for several entertainment websites, including Logo Networks, and currently writes and edits for the ImageOut, LGBT Film Festival. When he’s not sitting with strangers in dark rooms, Adam is a frequent coffeehouse patron and cheeseburger connoisseur.


Anahita Williamson

Dr. Anahita Williamson
Chemical & Environmental Engineer

Dr. Williamson has a strong background and extensive experience in the field of chemical and environmental engineering, including manufacturing process modification for improved material recovery and reuse, sustainability and green engineering.  Prior to joining the EPA as the Director of the Division of Environmental Science & Assessment, Dr. Williamson served as the Director of the NYS Pollution Prevention Institute at the Rochester Institute of Technology.  In this role, Dr. Williamson worked with industries, communities and academia on implementing a variety of solutions that focused on reducing both environmental and economic footprints.  Dr. Williamson also has extensive experience in utilizing life-cycle assessment (LCA) methodology for evaluating the environmental performance of a process/product from cradle-to-grave and has performed multiple LCAs throughout her career.  

Dr. Williamson is a Lean Six Sigma certified Greenbelt. She understands the importance of applying lean thinking when implementing environmental solutions. Dr. Williamson holds a B.S. in Chemical Engineering and M.S. and Ph.D. in Civil and Environmental engineering, all from Clarkson University.