2018 Official Selections

Youth Category

Be the Change
Jennifer O’Shea & Cookie Productions
Cookie Productions includes: Dominic Agosto, Leo Bailey, Kaden Deming, Maia Kolberg, Noah Rose, Harry Tamura and Cookie.

The Change
Caleb Holfoth and Seth Denzak

Behind the Picture
Tylor Ngourn

Adult Category

Sean P. Donnelly, Kate Kressmann-Kehoe & Brian Steblen

Cynthia Chu

April Lau & Marc Laroussini

Golden Days
Michelle Bao

Ben Mills & Danielle Moore

Ego to Eco
Allison Baird, Mary Doyle, Jordyn Weller & Alexis Thomas

Shana Dixon

The Arboretum Up the Street
Michael Tomb

Keep Frozen
Ray Ray Mitrano

A Generation Rising
Brenna Sherman & Liam Peterson

A Light Conversation
Josh Dubock & Marissa Steinheimer

Dog Days
Taryn Ward

Emily Haldeman

A Fortune
Tim Stringer

The Last Man on Earth
Rhonda Parker

Ghosts of Seneca Lake
Austin Quinlan

Winners will be selected on April 14th at the Gala and Awards at George Eastman Museum.