April 18, 2015

Channel 8 covers Fast Forward festivities


Fast Forward Film Festival at Eastman House kicks off Earth Week

Rochester, N.Y. (WROC) – Saturday evening was a big night for independent filmmakers throughout Rochester.

The Rochester Fast Forward Film Festival (FFFF) debuted Friday night and was continued Saturday with even more participants. The festival had a total of 96 films submitted and Saturday night highlighted 12 of them.

One of the finalists was RIT student and “Under The Roc” startup developer, Nick Neumann. The finalist submitted “Greenovation Thrift Shop 2.0.” Neumann, along with all other participants, submitted a short film highlighting the Earth Week “Green” theme. Filmmakers competed for cash prizes, and each film is required to be five minutes or less.

Though this is the first year the event has taken place, Rebecca Delaney, FFFF project director, has high hopes for the project.

“Our dream has always been to build a model that is innovative and applies to today,” Delaney said.

The dawn of the technological age has allowed anyone to become a filmmaker. Even an 11-year-old submitted a film to the festival regarding school lunch waste.

The George Eastman House, the Little Theater, WXXI, RIT and the NYS Pollution Prevention Institute were imperative members in ensuring the event was a success.

“This was a community partnership – couldn’t have done it without every single member that came in,” Delaney said. “We’re hoping that next year it gets even bigger.” With about 500 attendees Saturday night, hopes are set high for next year.

The project director hopes that other areas across the country will take after the festival.

“We do hope that this will continue to other cities,” Delaney said.

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