November 13, 2014

Rochester, NY (WROC)-  It’s an event geared towards raising awareness about the environment.  Dr. Andrew Stern came up with the idea for the Fast Forward Film Festival as a way to bring the environment to the big screen.  “In our national dialogue about the environment right now we are pretty stuck.  and the change is going to come from communities going to come from local,” said Dr. Stern.

Stern says right now there are lots of people who care about the environment, but not everyone knows each other.  With this festival, he hopes to bring people with similar goals together, “Introduce parts of the community to each other.  All of whom are concerned about the environment and make films, but don’t know each other.”

Enid Cardinal is the senior sustainability advisor to the president of RIT and will also serve as a juror for the festival.  She hopes to see something positive come out of this, “The environmental movement, sustainability movement tends to be a lot of doom and gloom when we start to look at all the statistics.  So, I want to see a story that’s uplifting, that empowers me that is a call to action for others.”

The films must be five minutes or less and must be made in the greater Rochester area.  “It has to reference in some way the environment, that is my concern that is the theme of the film festival,” said Stern.  “But, we are looking for films that touch you, move you dig deeply into who we are.” 

The films will be shown April 17th at the Little Theatre, and April 18th at the Dryden Theatre at the George Eastman House.  A festival gala and awards ceremony will follow.