October 28, 2016

News 8 on Fast Forward



Fast Forward Film Festival founder Andy Stern discussed the submission process for the upcoming festival Friday on News 8 at Noon.

The films will be shown March 31 and April 1 of next year at the Dryden Theatre and Little Theatre.  Submissions are due by February 27, 2017.

“The idea is that art, in the form of filmmaking, can help with the dialogue around climate change,” said Stern.  “It is hard nowadays to talk about the environment and some of the issues there without being gloomy, or depressing, or boring, and without being divisive, so in the Film Festival filmmakers address subjects that are hard to address sometimes, but they do it in ways that are not gloomy and they’re not boring, that make you laugh, that make you cry, that make it engaged and, probably most important, you leave energized.  Filmmakers bring such wonderful passion to what they do, you can’t help but respond to that.”

The Fast Forward Film Festival features local filmmakers of all ages.  “This Festival is unique in the world,” Stern said.  “They’re five minutes or less.  They’re all referencing the environment, but what’s unique is they must be made by a Rochester resident, somebody who lives here, and when we started three years ago we thought, well, we’ll get three people submitting films and that will be the end of this, but the first year we go over a hundred, more the second year, and both in young adult and adult categories, and just brilliant films, especially from young adults.”

Getting the word out now gives filmmakers time to create their films before the February submission deadline.  “We get tons of submissions by people who have never made a film before,” said Stern.  “We had some brilliant submissions from inner city schools last year, who we’re reaching out to more aggressively this year because they did such a wonderful job, and the teachers were so appreciative of using it as a tool for education, which is a big part of what we do.  Filmmakers learn so much about their subject.  They impart it to the audience and people learn about some of these things that are happening.”

For more information, go to the Fast Forward Film Festival website, click here.